Looking for a Payment Connector for Twilio®?

With Base, you can enjoy the convenience of processing both credit and debit cards and ACH payments in one, simple integration. The BaseX™ gateway is powered by proprietary technology designed to make payment acceptance easy while boasting top-of-the-line security and powerful tools to give you everything you need.

Simple and secure payment processing

BaseX™ Gateway

A payment gateway that simplifies advanced functionality, allowing you to accept Credit and Debit Cards and ACH all in one place.

Recurring Engine

Streamline recurrent and subscription payment acceptance with a safe, secure, and efficient recurring engine that you can control in your BaseLink™ portal.

Auto Account Updater

Ensure tokenized cardholder data for customers is always current and processing is never interrupted.


Protect sensitive information, maintain control of the user experience, and securely store cardholder data in our PCI Compliant end-to-end encryption.

Push Notifications

Get important updates on settled transactions, returns, chargebacks, and recurring payment statuses automatically.


Robust reporting featuring real-time updates on transactions, settlements, returns, and more all at your fingertips in your BaseLink™ portal.

Get started today!

Step 1

Sign up for Twilio® and request access

Once you’ve created your Twilio account, you can start setting up your IVR system.

Step 2

Customise and set up Twilio® account

Everything from a custom phone number to a tailored event flow will help you get started.

Step 3

Select Base as your Pay Connector at “Install”

After you’ve set up your business flow, you can connect your Base Pay Connector and integrate directly into Twilio®.

Step 4

Call us for integration settings

Integration into Twilio® requires SDK credentials and an SDK key. Call us and we can walk you through!

Now that you’re part of the Twilio® family, let’s get you connected to the Base family.

Complete the form below and talk to us about getting started with Base.