Getting timely payments from customers can be a daunting task.

Having to build an array of functionality to make it easier for them to pay creates even more challenges. Consumers today expect to have a variety of ways to submit payments— from web-based transactions to phone payments to installments. In order to improve your cash flow by decreasing the time between invoice and payment, you must offer your customers the solutions that are most convenient for them.

The Base Commerce receivables management solution set allows you to offer customers many convenient around-the-clock payment options.

How Our Solution Helps

The Base Commerce receivables management solution set allows you to offer customers many convenient around-the-clock payment options without having to staff a call center 24/7. Using our hosted payment pages, you can simply provide consumers a link at the bottom of an invoice that enables them to quickly make a payment.

With our Enhanced IVR solution, you can provide a real-time telephony payments system that allows customers to enter identifying information and make a payment on their account. And, you can make these payment options available without the hassles of PCI compliance and data security.

How We’re Different

Depending on the scope of your integration, many of our receivables management solutions can be enabled without having to write any code. For more complex solutions, it’s as simple as using our Prebuilt SDKs and code library to integrate your application and receivables data with our solutions. What’s more, if you enable our Auto Account Updater system for your customers that accept payment plans, we automatically update credit cards as they expire.

Key Features

  • Hosted payment pages that require no coding
  • Enhanced IVR
  • Significant PCI scope reduction as payment data is never present in your environment
  • Simple Prebuilt SDK integration
  • Auto Account Updater ensures card numbers stay current

Other use cases

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We live in a 24/7, global economy where financial transactions take place around the clock. But, finding a processing company that can fund your merchants quickly on a schedule that works for them is not an easy task. This is especially true when you are servicing a merchant base that spans time zones. Are your merchants demanding faster funding?

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Compliance Solutions

PCI compliance is critical for software applications that will be used within the payments ecosystem. Consequently, merchants are educated by the card networks to ensure that their software solutions are certified.

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Let’s collaborate on solving your specific needs, whether they resemble an existing use case above, or are something completely out of left field. Our passion is finding solutions and we’d love to be a part of yours.

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