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Built by developers for developers, the Base Commerce Payments Gateway alleviates the concerns you likely have when selecting a processing solution. Directly attached to our processing platform, the system ensures that there is no chance for data to get out of sync or for your merchants not to be funded as expected. You get the connectivity, processing, and merchant funding you need all in one place.

We understand that you’re eager to focus on your software and not on another integration, so we’ve created Prebuilt SDKs in all of the popular development languages to make integrating your software to our Payments Gateway a snap. Through the same SDKs, you can leverage our industry-leading encryption to ensure that your environment is never exposed to unencrypted payment credentials, thus eliminating the worry of a data breach.

How We're Different

The Base Commerce Payments Gateway was built and is maintained by developers who have extensive experience in the SaaS space. Having spent years integrating to other payment platforms and gateways, they knew there had to be a more effective way.

Founded on the three core pillars of Ease of Integration and Merchant Onboarding, Simplified and Real-Time Reporting, and Cutting-Edge Compliance Solutions, our platform allows the development community to partner with us and focus on building their technology without having to become experts in the payments space. The fastest full-stack integration by one of our clients to date took less than a weekend, and we’re looking for someone who is up to the challenge of beating that record!


  • Supports both credit card and ACH payments
  • Card/check-present and not-present solutions
  • Prebuilt SDKs in the most popular development languages
  • Direct developer support through our Slack channels and JIRA
  • Collaborative approach to customization to fit your industry’s needs
  • Real-time data synchronization via Push Notification Platform
  • Recurring/Subscription Transaction Engine
  • Chargeback and ACH return real-time notifications
  • Sandbox environment for integration and development

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Our developer-centric approach to building payments technology allows you to focus on your core product.

By leveraging our Prebuilt SDKs in your application you can quickly add payments functionality in a fraction of the time.

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Come play in our sandbox environment and use our hardware simulator to learn more about the EMVnow solution. No physical device required.

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