See Us at ShopTalk

Let’s talk Shop…or ShopTalk, rather. We are pleased to announce that Base Commerce will be attending this year’s ShopTalk conference. In the past, we have seen great success with Money2020 and ETA’s Transact, but Shop Talk will open more lines of communication and networking opportunities with more of the ISV and startup verticals. We are really looking forward to being more engaged with these crowds, as we pride ourselves in our history with working with startups. ACH is a great way for any company that wants to get into the payment space, but does not have the balance sheet to get high limits on the bankcard side, and our ACH division is more than prepared to help get them started.

As a technology company ourselves, we are enthusiastic to work with more ISV partners, and introduce them to our tools that will allow them to take their technology to new places. To say that we are delighted to attend and make these new connections would be an understatement. If your business is ready to take the next step into the payments world and you are going to be at Shop Talk, let us know! We would love to set up a meeting.