Base Commerce Appoints David Schoenecker Chief Operating Officer

Base Commerce, LLC, a technology-driven payment processing company specializing in ACH and bankcard payment solutions, has appointed David Schoenecker to the position of Chief Operating Officer. Previously Chief Marketing Officer, Schoenecker was originally brought in to develop the company’s marketing strategy and to play a key role in helping the organization achieve aggressive sales growth objectives.

“From his first day in the office over two years ago, David’s commitment to the company’s success was made vividly clear,” said President and CEO Brian Bonfiglio. “He rolled up his sleeves and immersed himself not just in developing our marketing infrastructure, but in all aspects of the company, from business operations and strategic planning, to the raising of capital and shaping of our internal culture. This new title is fitting and more accurately reflects the breadth and depth of his contribution at Base Commerce.”

A pioneer and leader in the payment processing industry for more than a decade, Base Commerce has recently experienced double-digit year-over-year growth, due in part to a more proactive marketing and sales stance spearheaded by Schoenecker. Having previously founded and run successful businesses of his own, he has extensive experience in developing mutually beneficial relationships with business partners, banks, and others in the ecosystem in order to meet business objectives in the competitive payments space.

“I’m excited about the tremendous growth we’ve been able to generate at Base Commerce in recent years, and honored to have collaborated with such an exceptional group of payment industry pros in pursuit of our marketing and sales goals,” said Schoenecker. “Now, I look forward to embracing my new role as Chief Operating Officer, which will allow for greater reach across the organization, both with our internal teams and our external stakeholders.