10 Alternative Ways to Use Your Credit Card

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While the world is respectfully social distancing, it can really put things into perspective with how we live our day-to-day lives. Credit/Debit cards have been the most common way we pay for almost everything here in America, but with so many establishments shut down to flatten the curve, that doesn’t mean our credit cards can’t serve alternative purposes outside of the typical online purchase.

10 Alternative Ways to Use Your Credit Cards (that doesn’t involve spending money):

  1. As an Ice Scraper– In a pinch, the firm (wide) and flexible (narrow) edges of a credit card create a simple solution for you to scrape the ice off of your windshield without scratching the glass while the raised numerals of the card create a supportive grip, making it really easy to use.
  2. As a Guitar Pick – Every guitar and bass-playing musician knows that anything can be a guitar pick if you want it to be, but credit cards are especially good at providing the firmness necessary to rip a good riff.
  3. As a Ruler – Credit cards are typically and reliably the same size: 3.375” x 2.125”. If you need a quick reference for a smaller object, you can use your credit card to establish a gauge of how big something is.
  4. As a Straight Edge – If you find yourself utilizing this time to get back into drawing, creating a graph, creating the perfect eyeshadow and eyeliner look, or even just practicing your handwriting skills, using a credit card to draw a straight line or keep your pencil steady is a great way to keep your (smaller) lines and edges sharp and straight.
  5. As a Bookmark – For those of you who still appreciate a good, old fashioned book, a credit card comes in handy as something thin enough to not damage your book while effectively keeping your place.
  6. To Unlock Doors – While most front doors would not find this tip to be useful, if you have found yourself locked out from a simple design door, credit cards are particularly well designed to ease open doorknob wedge bolts and spring lever latches on sliding doors.
  7. As a Paint Masking Tool – Credit cards create a clean trim line while not taking too much space up in your toolbox.
  8. As a Finger Splint – While it may not be the most ideal solution, if you have jammed or sprained your finger, using a credit card as your stabilizing splint will buy you some time to get to the doctor without making your injury worse.
  9. As a Knife – Granted, a credit card is not sharp enough to cut more solid objects, they are sharp enough with enough pressure to cut a slice of cheese, bananas, avocados, cake, hard-boiled eggs, and maybe even a burger if you need to. Just make sure you wash it with some sanitizing agent first.
  10. As a Furniture Stabilizer – The simplest use for your credit card is to stabilize tables and chairs by slipping it under the wobbly end. It is a class use-case that is both effective and timeless.

There are plenty of ways to make good use out of the plastic sitting in your wallet, even if you’re not actively using them for in-person transactions. Better yet, if you have expired or empty-balance gift cards consuming space in your wallet, here are a few more tips and tricks to use plastic cards, if you’re never going to use them for payments again.

Bonus Tips for Using Plastic Cards

As an Earbud Headphones Holder – With a few cuts to create a hole and slit for the headphone jack, you can easily create a simple solution to prevent tangled cords for your earbud headphones.

As a Phone Stand – If you fold your card in two simple folds, you can easily create a stand for your smart phone to allow hands-free viewing.

As a Key – Believe it or not, if you need a spare key, cutting your plastic card in the shape of your key will duplicate it, allowing you to have an additional copy of your key.

As an Art Project – For the creative types, using cut-up pieces of old gift cards and such can make for some cool mosaics, coasters, plant tags, magnets, or even an origami-inspired wreath.

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