Our Solution

Base Commerce has developed a suite of tools that help protect merchants from fraudulent activity. Several user-configurable options such as limiting the countries from which a transaction can be processed and requiring additional details about the consumer and their payment instrument help minimize a merchant’s risk.

In the card-present environment, the use of encrypted, chip-based terminals makes it harder for someone to use a card loaded with a stolen credit card number. Through our partnership with the card networks and products such as 3DSecure and SecureCode, participating merchants and cardholders can add an extra layer of security that makes it nearly impossible for a consumer to chargeback an ecommerce transaction.

How We're Different

Using advanced risk algorithms and key indicators and reports supplied by the card networks as part of the authorization response, Base Commerce actively monitors transactions for suspicious activity and provides prompt notification if a fraudulent transaction is suspected.


  • Real-time fraud prevention system based on transaction details
  • Ability to restrict transactions from different locations
  • User-configurable settings to enable enhanced security
  • Fraud team that monitors activity for suspicious transactions
  • Integration with card networks for fraud notifications

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