Our Solution

You can easily integrate our payments-enabled Enhanced IVR system into your application and completely remove cardholder data from your environment. Built on top of the Base Commerce Push Notification Platform, our Enhanced IVR can be integrated by simply downloading our Prebuilt SDK and implementing two function calls.

In addition to supporting both card and electronic check payments, the system is compliant with all the card brand and NACHA rules that govern obtaining consumer authorization to process transactions.

How We're Different

Being an industry leader in advanced payments technology has allowed Base Commerce to develop a feature-rich, easily customized telephone payments solutions. The platform enables your customers to receive payments 24/7 without incurring development costs or taking on the security risks and compliance requirements associated with creating their own system.


  • Supports both credit card and ACH payments
  • Fixed and percentage-based convenience fees drive more revenue
  • Allows customers to store their payment instrument for future payments (CypherStore)
  • Past Due, Minimum Payment, and Partial Payment options
  • White label prompts, receipts, and SMS confirmations
  • Prevents encrypted payment credentials from being exposed to your software and staff
  • Built on top of the Base Commerce Push Notification Platform
  • Supports secure Customer Service Attended Payments

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Our developer-centric approach to building payments technology allows you to focus on your core product.

By leveraging our Prebuilt SDKs in your application, you can quickly add payments functionality in a fraction of the time.

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