Our Solution

Base Commerce offers a “wrapper” (i.e., a development library for simplifying device connectivity) that provides code in a variety of languages. Using the wrapper, developers can integrate to a wide variety of device types on multiple platforms simply by inserting a line or two of code. Our solution covers mobile, POS, EMV, MICR (check reader), and check imaging.

As for data security, we have devices for any scenario in which a merchant accepts a check or card from a consumer, including POS, mobile, check scanning, check imaging, and a combination check reader and card reader. All of these devices utilize the industry standard Derived Unique Key Per Transaction (DUKPT) key management scheme. This industry standard for cryptography in hardware solutions produces a unique key each time the device is used, meaning if it is compromised, only one transaction is at risk.

How We're Different

What sets Base Commerce solutions apart is the enhanced productivity provided by our wrapper. Not only does it streamline device integration, it also accelerates time to market, which can make or break an application in today’s competitive business environment. In addition, by utilizing our hardware, software developers and merchants get significant PCI scope reduction and won’t be exposed to any unencrypted check or card payment credentials.


  • Platform agnostic
  • Supports magstripe and EMV
  • Supports point of purchase (POP) and back office conversion (BOC) NACHA entries
  • Significant PCI scope reduction
  • Supports remote deposit capture (RDC) Check 21 transactions

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Our developer-centric approach to building payments technology allows you to focus on your core product.

By leveraging our Prebuilt SDKs in your application you can quickly add payments functionality in a fraction of the time.

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Learn how easy integration to a highly secure device can be by playing in our sandbox environment.

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