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The Base Commerce CypherStore™ tokenization system allows you to safely store your customers’ payment credentials and still sleep well at night knowing that their data is protected by industry-grade encryption. Through the use of our Merchant Portal and Prebuilt SDKs, you can easily add both credit card and bank account data to our HSM-backed tokenization platform in a matter of seconds.

We then provide a unique value/token that your software can use to make future payments. This solution protects customer payment data and offloads the PCI compliance and regulatory burdens associated with persisting payment credentials.

How We're Different

In addition to the simplicity of integration and peace of mind you get with CypherStore™, when you couple it with our CypherPay™ P2PE solution, customer data is protected not only while it is stored on our tokenization platform, but also while it is transmitted from the point of input all the way to the vault.

If you want to provide even more convenience to your customers, our Account Updater product can be enabled on your stored cardholder data so that as cards expire, the Base Commerce platform automatically reaches out to the card networks to obtain updated card numbers and expiration dates. And for our SaaS-based service providers who need a solution that allows you to store card data or bank accounts at a partner level, CypherStore™ can be used across multiple merchant accounts.


  • Supports both credit card and ACH storage
  • Validates credit card and ACH data upon addition to the tokenization platform
  • Prebuilt SDKs in the most popular development languages
  • Account Updater to automatically update expiring/declined cards
  • Real-time data synchronization through our Push Notification Platform
  • Ability to securely import tokens from other payment solution providers

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Our developer-centric approach to building payments technology allows you to focus on your core product.

By leveraging our Prebuilt SDKs in your application you can quickly add payments functionality in a fraction of the time.

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If you’re concerned about the security of the cardholder data you store and eager to free up the time and resources required to maintain PCI compliance, talk to us today about exchanging your cardholder and banking data for secure tokens.

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