Our Solution

Backed by industry-grade hardware security modules (HSMs), the Base Commerce CypherCrypt℠ solution is designed to help you meet unique data encryption needs and satisfy all of the key management requirements of PCI compliance without having to spend significant upfront capital on hardware to protect your encryption keys. Through a few simple functions within our Prebuilt SDKs, you can easily generate encryption keys and encrypt/decrypt sensitive data without having to build your own key management and security solutions.

How We're Different

Architected for a quad-redundant, multi-homed environment, CypherCrypt℠ is a highly available service capable of 32,000 encryption/decryption events per second. Encryption keys are generated in hardware-hardened security modules and stored across multiple sites to ensure availability. CypherCrypt℠ enables you to offload to us the burden of security audits that require key management policies, and to piggyback on our PCI Level 1-certified solutions.


  • Low latency
  • Quad-redundant
  • Multi-homed
  • Complete PCI key management scope reduction
  • Prebuilt SDKs in most common development languages
  • Sandbox environment for integration and development

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Our developer-centric approach to building payments technology allows you to focus on your core product.

By leveraging our Prebuilt SDKs in your application you can quickly add payments functionality in a fraction of the time.

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Offload the key management burden today with CypherCrypt℠.

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